About Us

Why use DVDit to preserve
your precious memories...


If it’s on film, VHS, or any other format we can preserve those precious memories for you.

DVDit provides safe and secure transfer of most old tape and film formats to DVD. No more setting up old and complicated projector or camera connections. Watching your old family memories will be as simple as inserting a DVD into your DVD player!

DVDit also creates custom on-screen TV menus allowing for easy navigation and putting an end to frustrating tape fast forwarding and rewinding.

DVD’s of your old movies are a great gift idea for your children and future generations so they can have a lasting memory of their family and their heritage.


Once we receive your order. It’s usually returned to you within 10-14days.


DVDit has been transferring old formats to DVD for 15 years with 1000’s of satisfied customers. It’s easy to see why DVDit can be trusted with your precious family memories.


DVDit’s rates are very competitive. We are up front with our pricing and therefore are able to give you an accurate estimate based on the information you give us.


Old formats like tape, film and slides are consistently degrading with time and use. Even if they are stored carefully in a protected storage area – moths, mould and mildew even air temperature and humidity could be destroying your memories making them irreparable and unwatchable.