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How to place an ORDER using our ORDER ESTIMATE Form



  1. Select service required on the Order Estimate Form  (Place my order)
  2. Complete the Order Estimate Form
    1. list each item
    2. quantity 
    3. preferred DVD title for each item
      NB: This is an estimate only.  Upon receipt of your order we will check your estimate is correct and advise you of any changes in price prior to commencing work.
  3. Read, understand and sign the terms and conditions on the back of the Order Estimate Form. NB: Please note that REPLY PAID is not applicable for orders.
  4. Package up your order in bubble wrap and insert into a preferred Australia Post box or satchel.  Don’t forget to INCLUDE your Order Estimate Form.
  5. Post to us by registered mail, platinum post or courier.
    We will notify you when we receive your parcel.
  6. Retain the Australia Post or Courier receipt / reference number.

Thank you for your Order