Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer acknowledges that this form provides an estimate only of the fees and charges for the services to be provided by DVDit and it is not binding.  DVDit will ONLY confirm with the customer their actual fees and charges for performing the services prior to commencing any work if the Estimate Order Form is incorrect and or is requested by the Customer.
  2. The Customer must pay any postage, delivery or courier fees and expenses in relation to the delivery of the Customers property to or from DVDit or to and from any third party contractors where necessary.
  3. Our agreement with Australia Post is for REPLY PAID Estimate Order Forms only valued at normal DL letter postage rates. It is NOT for parcels. Therefore DVDit will NOT be able to accept REPLY PAID parcels from the Customer. The Customer must pay the standard registered mail parcel rates from any Post Office when sending parcels to DVDit.
    1. Save as provided at clause 4.2 the Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that DVDit shall not be liable for any loss, damages, costs or expenses of any kind or nature should any of the Customers property be damaged, destroyed, misplaced, stolen or lost during the delivery of the Customers property to or from DVDit or whilst in the possession or control of DVDit or its employees agents or contractors.
    2. In the event of any damage, destruction or loss of the Customers property the Customers rights are limited to DVDit replacing any video tape, DVD, CD, or memory card with the same or similar product at DVDit’s discretion and the Customer acknowledges that such product will be blank of information.         
  5. Large orders valued at over $100+ require a 30% deposit at time of commencement of the order. You may wish to discuss a layby with us.  Please contact us and we can provide you with our LAYBY policy.      
  6. The Customer hereby warrants that any material provided to DVDit including but not limited to video tapes, films, photos, slides, music and written material are:-
    1. The absolute property of the Customer or the Customer has a legal right to use and copy the material; and
    2. The Customer has not breached or infringed any law relating to copyright, moral right or any intellectual property right or similar right relating to the material and shall keep DVDit fully indemnified in respect of same.
  7. The Customer acknowledges that DVDit’s interests in this agreement are transferrable however the Customers interests in this agreement are not transferrable.
  8. DVDit will require payment in full by way of cleared funds for its services prior to the return of the Customers property.
  9. DVDit shall have lien over the Customers property until payment by way of cleared funds are received by DVDit
  10. Where the Customer does not provide a mailing address, the Customer is required to collect the Customers property within 30days from commencement of order. If the Customers property is not collected within the said 30 day period then DVDit is hereby authorised to dispose of the Customers property in any way that it sees fit including disposing of at a refuse facility without any compensation or liability to the Customer whatsoever. DVDit shall not be required to perform any services until such time as it receives all information regarding the Customer and the Customers property reasonably required by DVDit.

DVDit offer a 100% Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with any part of your video or film transfer,

DVDit will transfer them again FREE of charge.

All we ask is that you return your videos or films and DVD’s to us.